Emergency Generator Installation

Rowley Police Station Emergency Generator Installation

The Town of Rowley awarded Weston & Sampson CMR, Inc. (CMR) the Police Station Emergency Generator Installation project. The existing generator in the police station was rated at10 kW and was inadequate to run most of the systems. In addition, it was located in the basement which did not have adequate room or ventilation area to house a new, properly sized unit. Another complexity of this project was the fact that a new addition was built at the facility to meet the needs of the expanding police station. Each building had a separate electrical service.

CMR was contracted to install a new 80 kW generator with a weatherproof, sound attenuated enclosure in the parking lot approximately 100 feet away from the original police station building. Conduit and wire had to be run in the parking lot to the original building from the new generator to the new transfer switch in the basement. A second transfer switch had to be located in an adjacent shed for the addition building.

The scope of work for this project included the following:

  • Remove and abandon the existing generator
  • Furnish and install a new natural gas fueled 80kW standby generator in a weatherproof, sound attenuated enclosure
  • Furnish and install approximately 100 linear feet of conduit and wire
  • Furnish and install two (2) automatic transfer switches
  • Keep the facility operational during all work


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