Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study

West Columbia WC-02 Basin SSES

Weston & Sampson has been working with the City of Columbia to provide technical engineering support for Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies (SSES) and subsequent rehabilitation design and construction administration services to reduce sources of rain derived inflow/infiltration (RDII).

As part of the WC-02 Basin project, Weston & Sampson developed a Data Management System in close coordination with the city, conducted focused field inspections, developed and implemented rehabilitation plans, and quantified and evaluated results.

Our scope included 561 manhole inspections, 91,872 linear feet of sanitary sewer television inspection and recommendations for cost-effective rehabilitations.

Rehab methods included open cut point repairs, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), and manhole rehab including grouting, cementitious liners, and epoxy.

Weston & Sampson also evaluated two alternatives for sewer flow diversion from upstream areas around the Riverbanks Zoo. During flow metering the sewer mains in and around the zoo were isolated and found to have irregular peak flows believed to be associated with discharges from cleaning and maintaining exhibits. These unexpected discharges caused decreases in capacity in the sewer main crossing the Saluda River immediately downstream of the zoo. The goal for the diversion was to isolate the zoo wastewater flows from the WC-02 basin to allow for a master meter to be placed at the zoo and accurately measure those discharges.


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