SCADA Upgrades at Well Pump Station

Replacement Well No. 1A Pump Station and Chemical Feed Building with SCADA Upgrades

Weston & Sampson designed a replacement well pump station and chemical feed building for the town of Williamstown’s Well No. 1A, a new 18-inch-diameter, 153-foot-deep artesian well.

The existing SCADA system was replaced with a robust communication and telemetry system.  Weston & Sampson conducted a radio path survey, which recommended using the 900-MHz frequency. Additional system components included a new SCADA computer with Wonderware® software,  Win911 for alarming and PCAnywhere for remote operator access into the system.  New control panels were constructed and installed at two well pump stations, two water storage tanks, and at a booster pump station.

  • Wonderware®
  • Win911 for Alarming
  • PCAnywhere for Remote Login
  • Allen Bradley PLCs


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