SC Biz News Empowering Women Award

Group of women posing for photo at SC Biz empowering women event.

Women in Weston & Sampson's South Carolina team were recognized at the SC Biz News inaugural “Empowering Women” event in Columbia on February 20, 2024. The award recognizes companies and organizations that have shown a strong commitment to supporting and elevating women in South Carolina, and is designed to showcase tangible and innovative efforts to advance women in the workplace and community. During remarks at the event, SC Biz noted that "In Weston & Sampson’s three South Carolina offices, women comprise 40% of the staff, and 40% of the leadership positions, unusually high figures for an engineering and architecture firm. That reflects the company’s commitment to hiring and elevating women, not just inside its offices but in the industry as well.   Weston & Sampson employs several professional development programs that facilitate the desires of women to increase their skills and earn promotions, and a pair of employee resource groups focused on women. The firm’s hiring and promotion procedures are vetted for transparency and reliance on performance metrics, rather than subjective factors like gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. These are just some of the ways in which Weston & Sampson works to create an equitable and inclusive workplace that empowers and elevates women.” We are honored to be among the talented, hard-working group in attendance. Congratulations to all the businesses elevating women across the state!

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