Weston & Sampson assists communities in the development of comprehensive master plans for their stormwater systems. The goal is to direct future resources with a focus on maintaining, protecting, and improving the assets and natural resources of each community through proactive stormwater management. A Stormwater Master Plan provides a clear understanding of the stormwater drainage system and a clear path forward to not only manage the existing infrastructure but also address MS4 Permit requirements as defined projects and actions that will guide each community into the future, and avoid costly emergency repairs. Where stormwater funding mechanisms exist, the intent of the Master Plan is to create a strategy to use and leverage these funds to best serve the community.

  • Compile and review information about a city’s stormwater system
  • Field data collection to supplement and enhance available historical data
  • BMPs for compliance with the 2016 MS4 General Permit
  • Inspect and rehabilitate stormwater infrastructure (e.g., culverts, pipes,  stream channels)
  • Design improvements to alleviate localized flooding problems


News & Highlights

ACEC-SC EEA Award - Weston & Sampson received two Engineering Excellence Awards during the 2019 ACEC-SC Engineering Excellence Gala - "BCWS PS001 Rehabilitation" for Berkeley County Water and Sanitation and "Church Creek Stormwater Basin Study” for the City of Charleston, SC.
Steven Roy Weston & Sampson is pleased to welcome Steven Roy, LEED AP - Weston & Sampson is pleased to announce Steven Roy, LEED AP as Senior Technical Leader responsible for climate adaptation and stormwater green infrastructure pursuits.