Investigation, Evaluation, Design, Bidding, and Construction Administration

Weston & Sampson provides quality investigation, evaluation, design, bidding, and construction administration services for wastewater collection and treatment systems. We have assisted communities with wastewater engineering projects that vary from small rural and private wastewater management systems to large urban municipal wastewater treatment systems. Weston & Sampson creates innovative, cost-efficient, and time-conserving alternatives and solutions that result in accurate information and valuable project recommendations. Our wastewater engineering services include:

  • Innovative/alternative wastewater management
  • Sewer system and wastewater treatment systems planning, design, and construction services
  • Preliminary and final sewer and pump station design and construction services
  • Septic system management programs
  • Infiltration/Inflow studies and Sewer System Evaluation Surveys
  • Operation and maintenance services and system start-up
  • Sewer betterment assessments and sewer user charges and regulations
  • Brewery wastewater treatment services
  • Grant identification and writing, management, reporting

News & Highlights

instruments for wastewater treatment Adapting to the Seasonal Fluctuations in Schools’ Wastewater Treatment Systems - Good planning and effective communication between project partners have proven to be the keys to operations success with the seasonal variations in a school’s onsite #wastewatertreatment system. Weston & Sampson's Bill Idarola explains the factors to consider, in this issue of High-Profile magazine.
A chemical feed system. Performance of DAF Thickening for FOG Removal in Liquid Soap Manufacturing - Michael Smith, PE co-authored an article in Journal of the New England Water Environment Association entitled “Performance of DAF Thickening for FOG Removal in Liquid Soap Manufacturing." A contract manufacturer of soap and skincare products in Vermont needed to reduce its fats, oils, and grease (FOG) load to the local wastewater treatment plant in Essex. To achieve that goal, the manufacturer turned to a pretreatment process technology, dissolved air flotation (DAF), to lower the FOG prior to discharge to the town’s wastewater collection system.

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