Weston & Sampson's in-house Visualization studio produces four levels of media services:

These images can be used to share information:

  • At public meetings
  • In marketing materials and proposals
  • Supporting applications such as construction, inspections, asset management, and others.

Our toolbox includes Microstation V8i, LumenRT, SketchUp, GoogleEarth Pro, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Revit, Scene, and AutoCAD Recap.

We offer extremely high-end 3D models and animations at a very affordable cost, all while maintaining engineering integrity relating to road and grading dimensions, lane striping, etc.

Level A – Virtual & Interactive Models (3D)

Level A services provide the highest level of interactivity in a 3D environment via use of Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR). The viewer is fully immersed in the 3D world and can navigate at will as they "walk" through the environment to explore on their own terms.

Level B – Rendering / Animation (3D)

Level B services provide 3D still renderings and / or animations of infrastructure to contrast existing conditions against proposed change conditions. Use of this level allows you to gain a realistic view into what to expect with changes to main roads, side roads, traffic flows, and structures. Animations include fly-overs of roads and structures from a bird's eye view, to street level views of traffic passing through a particular area, to "behind the wheel" where you are in the vehicle traveling down the road, or a combination of all three.

This is the most dynamic solution we offer containing moving vehicles, traffic flows, interaction with people crossing traffic, weather conditions, and day/night views. Also, Level B (static 3D images) can be rendered from Level A or B animations.

Level C – Photo Compositing (2D or 3D)

Level C services provide "before and after" imagery of your project where 3D objects are built and rendered into still images.  The result is an incredibly accurate and realistic image showing the proposed infrastructure change.

Level D – HD Scans / Video Capture / Photos

Level D services provide capturing of environments via HD Scans, video, or photos. Our high-speed FARO Focus 3D X 330 laser scanner can provide detailed measurement and documentation to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes. The resulting image is an assembly of millions of 3D measurement points that provide an exact digital reproduction of existing conditions. These points can be animated to create a fly-through of a building, going from room-to-room to document contents or construction phases.

News & Highlights

aerial photography and video Aerial Photography and Video Services - Weston & Sampson utilizes its own commercially permitted and insured drone, operated by our FAA licensed pilot, to provide clients with aerial photography and video services at project sites.
restoration of historical documents Restoration of Historic Documents - Weston & Sampson performed a project that required historical existing documents to be scanned and indexed to CD\DVD for archiving. The almost 100 year old rolled historical plans (up to 42 inches by 27 feet) were carefully placed between clear sheets of plastic to protect them from damage during the scanning process. The scanned images were then geo-referenced, tiled, and re-printed into a more manageable a 42 inch by 36 inch map book.

Interdisciplinary Services