Comprehensive Planning, Design, and Construction Administration

Comprehensive Planning, Design, and Construction Administration for New Public Works Facility

Weston & Sampson provided comprehensive planning, design and construction administration services for a new Public Works Facility located at 66 River Road.

The new facility includes the construction of a 43,700 SF facility that consolidated public works operations and all town vehicles and equipment into a single location.  The facility includes offices, employee facilities, workshops, vehicle maintenance, wash bay, and vehicle and equipment storage.

Based on the proposed location, existing utility systems were located and studied to determine if they could adequately service the proposed site/building program.  These utility systems included the design of water, wastewater, electric, communications and other site/building required utilities to service the proposed facilities.  An on-site subsurface wastewater facility was designed to accept and adequately handle the anticipated wastewater flows from the proposed building and site facilities.

Site access from Route 20 and River Road were studied to determine if they could appropriately handle the anticipated site trip generation.  The design of parking and circulation areas servicing the proposed site was also designed to service the anticipated traffic flows and employee parking needs. 

Due to the close proximity to wetland areas all proposed pavement areas required the design of a closed drainage system able to convey stormwater flows to a proposed drainage facility that would store and release the stormwater flow for typical storm events at a rate that is less than the existing flows during those same storm events.  Underground storage chambers were designed for this purpose. These facilities were designed and permitted through the Wayland Conservation Commission.  Presentations were made and approvals granted by other town boards for the site and building layout in accordance with town regulations, bylaws and applicable state regulations.

Sidewalks and pedestrian areas for building access from the proposed parking areas and circulation around the buildings were designed to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.


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