Statewide Vietnam Memorial

Statewide Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Weston & Sampson prepared contract documents and environ­mental permit applications for the development of the statewide Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Green Hill Park in Worcester. This project consists of many spaces, the “Place of Names,” the “Place of Words,” and the “Place of Flags,” which are located around the perimeter of the one-acre Duck Pond.

Our work for this project involved dredging the pond and remediating TPH-contam­inated soils. Specific amenities included the development of granite and brick pavements, stone walls, and seating areas linked by a series of meandering pathways. Ten massive granite monoliths are the focal point of the memorial with six located at the “Place of Names.” These six monoliths are engraved with the names of 1,551 Massachusetts individuals who died or were lost during the Vietnam War.

This program also includes elaborate ir­rigation and electrical/lighting systems, fountains, signage, and extensive gardens and plantings.

Weston & Sampson obtained permitting from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Army Corps of En­gineers, Worcester Conservation Commis­sion, and the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) unit for various aspects of the work.


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