Stormwater Best Management Practices

Design of Stormwater BMPs to Mitigate Stormwater Pollution to the Nemasket River

Since early 2000, Weston & Sampson has been assisting the Town of Middleborough to identify and mitigate stormwater pollution to the Nemasket River, an impaired waterbody.

Weston & Sampson performed outfall location and sampling, illicit discharge detection, and pollutant loading assessments. More recently, we have been working with the town to use funds from the MassDOT Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to complete design and construction of structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) in four high-priority stormwater catchments.

In 2012, four existing outfall locations were chosen to provide improved treatment to stormwater prior to discharge into the Nemasket River. This included water quality basins, groundwater recharge devices, and erosion controls.


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