Stormwater Management Assistance

Stormwater Management Assistance and Emergency Culvert Replacements

Since 2005, Weston & Sampson has been assisting the Town of Wenham with municipal stormwater management issues.  Some key stormwater project components include:

  • EPA NPDES Phase 2 Stormwater Permit Assistance and Reporting
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping
  • Evaluation of Existing Stormwater Facilities
  • Design and Construction of Emergency Culvert Replacements
  • Grant Funding
  • Mitigation of Local Funding

Following intense rainfall and flooding in May 2006, we helped the town assess deficiencies and damage to its key stormwater systems. We provided evaluations and recommendations for both small and large stormwater drain systems and culverts.  With our assistance, the town voted local approval of funding for emergency replacement of three actively failing culverts. The emergency replacement project included replacing three older culverts (of varying construction types) with new concrete box culverts ranging in size from 6- by 10-ft to a double 8- by 10-ft culvert. Traffic management was critical because the culverts were located on roads that link the eastern and western ends of Wenham, increasing the impact of road closures.

Weston & Sampson has assisted the town with several additional stormwater related projects, including the Burnham Road Drainage Area Repair Project, which included replacement of a culvert running though a residential yard (conveying stream flow under a secondary highway), upgrades to the upstream and downstream headwalls, and the upgrade of adjacent drainage infrastructure to better convey the stormwater runoff away from the flood prone areas. At the request of the town, the project was designed in two parts, allowing the town to bid the culvert replacement and drainage infrastructure upgrade separately (with separate contractors).


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