Stormwater Outfall Replacement

Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analyses, Design, Inspection, and Construction Administration for Outfall Replacement

Weston & Sampson conducted hydrologic/hydraulic analyses, design, inspection, and construction administration for a replacement/augmentation of an existing 60-inch outfall.  The design called for utilizing the existing outfall for low flow conditions and augmented this system with a new 8-foot by 6-foot precast reinforced concrete segmental box culvert under a state roadway and a 72-inch RCP high flow outfall to an adjacent brook.

Weston & Sampson engineers used hydrologic flow data from a city-wide drainage study to complete hydrologic evaluations, and Hydro Flow for a storm sewer analysis to determine hydraulic grade lines.  A 25 year design flow of 725 CFS for the 0.3 square mile watershed was used.

Coordination of activities relevant to renovations of a nearby technical school and reconstruction of the state roadway were paramount to a successful project.  Record keeping was completed in compliance with regulatory requirements.


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