Lee County Structural Assessment of Garage

Structural Condition Assessment of County-Owned Parking Garage

Lee County, Florida, retained Weston & Sampson to perform a detailed on-site observation and condition assessment of the two-level parking garage and pedestrian bridge leading to the Lee County Justice Center Annex Building. The garage and bridge are approximately 20 years old, had no design plans available, and were constructed primarily of prefabricated structural elements that were assembled on site at the time of construction.
Through our site visits and inspections, we developed a comprehensive set of visual observations, including photographs and videos. Based on this information, we reported that the structures were in generally good condition and, if regularly attended to, should require minimal maintenance and repair to ensure a long service life. We clarified and referenced the notable existing conditions that were most in need of repair, which included joints, beams, and other structural features, in a comprehensive report with a set of recommendations to address these.

Key Project Features:

  • existing conditions assessment
  • layout plans of existing structure
  • future use, repairs, and maintenance recommendations


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