Subsurface Utility Engineering Investigation – NC Neurosciences Hospital

NC Neurosciences Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC

Our firm conducted a thorough Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) investigation of an approximately 2.5-acre site near the NC Neurosciences Hospital in Chapel Hill. This area contained an estimated 2,800 LF of underground utilities including electrical, domestic water, lighting, steam, and chilled water. This service included visual inspection and location of all necessary above-ground utility appurtenances and electronic sweeps to identify conductive materials. We marked all identified utilities with colored paint to represent the utility’s underground position. We surveyed and provided a CAD map depicting all designated and record drawings of underground utilities.

Our firm performed a site topographic survey that included:

  • Establishing horizontal and vertical datum from data for the adjoining project
  • Establishing two horizontal and two vertical control monuments within the project limits
  • Locating existing natural and man-made features
  • Vertical accuracy to provide 1-foot contour intervals
  • Inverts of gravity-flow systems
  • Locating “significant or specimen” trees
  • NCAC Class A topographic survey


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