Supply and Demand Plan

Supply and Demand Evaluation and Plan Development to Reduce Water System Demands

The Town of Wellesley selected Weston & Sampson to conduct a Supply and Demand Evaluation and Plan Development to investigate ways to reduce water system demands and increase the town’s supply capabilities.  The majority of Wellesley’s supply is provided by five groundwater wells.  The town has an interconnection with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) to help meet peak demands.

The Demand Evaluation and Plan Development involved reviewing the town’s demand and supply records and recommending ways to reduce water system demands, particularly peak demands.  The town’s peak water demands use 90 percent of the available water supplies. We made recommendations  to reduce system demands, and a Water Use Restriction Bylaw was developed.  Trigger levels based on system demands, Department of Environmental Management’s drought condition notice, and supply availability were created for use in implementing restrictions under the Water Use Restriction Bylaw.

Weston & Sampson conducted a water audit, reviewing pumping records, supply meters, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) water supply statistical reports, demand meter records, operation and maintenance information, process water losses, and leak detection investigation reports.  We made recommendations on ways to reduce unaccounted-for water based on the results of the water audit.  We evaluated the town’s water rate structure and recommended alternatives to create financial incentives to conserve water.

The project also included evaluating various methods for well yield enhancements.  We examined  sampling data, aquifer water level data, historical cleaning records, well construction information, and initial well installation results.  We made recommendations regarding ongoing maintenance, new cleaning or rehabilitation techniques, satellite wells, new wells, the application of physical and chemical combinations, and monitoring efforts to optimize well performance.

Weston & Sampson offered alternatives for increasing the capacity of the MWRA pump station.  We evaluated and examined the feasibility of increasing the town distribution storage capacity.


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