SWMI Grant Implementation

Sustainable water management initiative grant - site screening, design, permitting & implementation of demonstration BMPs

Weston & Sampson worked with the Town of Hanover to conduct a town-wide screening of beneficial sites for artificial recharge under a grant from the State’s Sustainable Water Management Initiative (SWMI).

A GIS-based overlay analysis led to the identification of more than 100 sites with suitable aquifer, ecological, and cultural characteristics. A review of the Town’s existing stormwater infrastructure resulted in a narrowed list of 20-30 sites that could cost-effectively incorporate a useful artificial recharge system. A catalog of those potential recharge projects was prepared as a shortlist for future publicly- or privately-funded projects. Detailed field mapping of those 20-30 sites identified construction constraints and permitting issues. Site selection criteria narrowed viable sites to less than a dozen with potential best management practices (BMPs) conceptually designed and costed.

A final site was selected, designed, permitted, and constructed using town personnel and equipment. Resulting recharge of roof runoff and parking lot runoff provided increased annual recharge rates of 570,000 gallons per year and improved water quality for less than $55,000.


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