System Evaluation and Capital Planning

Water Audits to Improve Control of Losses

The Town of Hopkinton selected Weston & Sampson to develop a master plan of the town’s water system, which consists of eight groundwater wells, an interconnection with the Town of Ashland, and three water storage tanks. The comprehensive evaluation of Hopkinton’s water supply system includes:

  • Evaluating current population and water demands
  • Developing 20-year water demand and population projections
  • Evaluating the existing distribution system and storage; source water quality and capacity; and the need for new water supplies, including a potential MWRA connection
  • Reviewing current regulatory requirements on water quality
  • Preparing a capital improvement program with estimated construction cost

We also updated the town’s hydraulic analysis model.

Weston & Sampson is working on developing a capital improvements plan with estimated construction costs to provide the necessary improvements to meet current and future water demands including:

  • Source water pump station improvements
  • Water treatment capital and operational improvements to meet current and future regulations
  • Abandonment of an old storage tank to reduce water age and stagnation
  • Creation of a high service area with an elevation storage tank to increase a localized pressure problem
  • Eliminating transmission main deficiencies that will arise with the construction of a new water treatment plant or MWRA connection
  • Maintenance program recommendations


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