ArcGIS Online Capital Improvement Plan Viewer/Generator

ArcGIS Online Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Viewer/Generator

Weston & Sampson uses Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform to shorten the preliminary development of the CIP. By centralizing an organization’s assets into a universally accessible digital twin, we begin laying the foundation for a responsive, web-based CIP application that grows with changing asset qualities. Weston & Sampson’s CIP Viewer/Generator is designed to respond as asset attributes are updated, so organizations at the start of their inventorying process can benefit.

Newton Stormwater Infrastructure Improvement Plan

Stormwater Infrastructure Improvement Plan

Newton, MA
Multi-year capital improvement plan for the city’s stormwater system, enabling them to plan and prioritize stormwater projects, obtain funding, help protect flood-prone areas, improve water quality, and comply with the extensive requirements of the 2016 MS4 General Permit.