Bridges to Prosperity San Vicente Footbridge planking.

San Vicente Footbridge is Almost Complete

Our volunteer Bridges to Prosperity team has nearly completed the San Vicente footbridge. The planking is down, safety fencing up on either side, and the ramps are fenced. The community is warm, engaged and enthusiastic, and we are thrilled to near completion so they can make use of the bridge.

Beginning to Build a Bridge

We are making good progress on the bridge! Despite the rainy beginning, we have been able to hoist the towers, get the cross beams hung on the sag cables, and the restraint and safety cables are in place. We took the construction scaffolding down, and will be putting on the decking planks today. 

B2P San Vicente Footbridge Project

Bridges to Prosperity Team

Six Weston & Sampson professionals are participating in the San Vicente Footbridge build. We are joined by several volunteers from FHECOR and are supported as well by the Bridges to Prosperity headquarters staff. Finally, companies and participants from the local community of Jinotega will be our collaborators.

B2P San Vicente Footbridge Project

The Countdown is On!

In 10 days, our team of six volunteers will head to Jinotega, Nicaragua to participate in the Bridges to Prosperity build of the San Vicente Footbridge project. We will work alongside other volunteers from FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores on the construction of a 67-metre footbridge over the Gusanera River.