The Countdown is On!

The countdown is on. In 10 days, our team of six volunteers will head to Jinotega, Nicaragua to participate in the Bridges to Prosperity build of the San Vicente Footbridge project. We will work alongside other volunteers from FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores on the construction of a 67-metre footbridge over the Gusanera River. During the rainy season the river floods, isolating approximately 4,000 people from the nearby communities of San Vicente, Pita Abajo, Los Laureles, Pita el Carmen, and Valle los Orozcos. Largely agricultural, the farmers and their families are unable to safely access healthcare, markets, farms, or employment. In addition, 1,200 school children are unable to attend primary or secondary school due to the risk the river poses. In recent years three people have lost their lives trying to cross the river.

Construction of the footbridge will provide safe access between the communities, and promote social and economic development throughout the area.

We are anxious to begin this very special project, to collaborate with B2P, with FHECOR, and especially with the residents of the Jinotega area, who are already preparing the area in which we will work.

The river, as it is currently, is shown here. We will be detailing our progress, so stay tuned!

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