Trenchless Sewer System Rehabilitation

Trenchless Sewer System Rehabilitation using CIPP

The City of Worcester selected Weston & Sampson for a number of sewer rehabilitation projects. Our trenchless rehabilitation efforts include:

Cambridge Street Project

In the late 1800s, a portion of Worcester’s sewer system was built in bedrock. By blasting, a rock tunnel was formed and the bottom of the sewer was built using bricks. In order to rehabilitate the rock tunnel/brick sanitary sewer on Cambridge Street, Saugus Place and Fremont Street using a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), the contractor installed corrugated metal along the brick ledge to create a form for the liner within the rock tunnel section of the pipe. The liner was then installed to form a new pipe within the existing pipe.

Hermon Street CO4 (Main Street Lining) Project

On Main Street, our contractor installed a cured-in-place pipe through a 30-inch siphon that runs under Mill Brook on Main Street.


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