UAS Sensor Validation Report

Weston & Sampson performed a sensor validation test project on on a site provided and controlled by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). The site is a 1-mile corridor on Grange Road (SR171) outside of Louisville, Georgia. Control was set by GDOT in pairs, with each pair approximately 450 feet apart. The control targets were 3-foot-wide chevrons in flat white paint on the shoulders of the road.

The system used by Weston & Sampson to photogrammetrically survey this corridor consisted of a Riegl VUX-1UAV LiDAR sensor mounted on a DJI M600 Pro Hexacopter. In addition to LiDAR acquisition, RGB Camera images were captured at the rate of 0.5 frames per second for the duration of the flights. The image positions and orientations were captured and recorded to use in photogrammetric software. There were no issues with the flights to report.

The test site consisted of 48 surveyed control locations distributed throughout the test site as follows:

  • Chevron paneled Reference Control (XYZ) – 26
  • Chevron Project Control points (XYZ) – 5 (not used)
  • Surface point with nail at ground location (XYZ) – 17 (not used)

Weston & Sampson has submitted a sensor validation report of the results from flight acquisitions, processing, and accuracy assessment of measurements from the calibrated, co-registered, and georeferenced LiDAR point. A digital orthophoto was generated using the simultaneously acquired digital imagery during the LiDAR flight mission.


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