A historical photo showing a construction site.


Weston & Sampson has performed sanitary-civil consulting engineering services on over 1500 projects for municipal, state, federal, and private utility and industrial clients.

The office building for Weston & Sampson's headquarters in Peabody, MA.


Weston & Sampson expanded with the addition of the Solid Waste Program, Hazardous Waste, and Information Technology. Company headquarters were relocated to Peabody, MA to provide more room for this growth.

A photo of water pumps from a projected completed in the 90's.


Weston & Sampson broadened its services with the addition of Weston & Sampson Services Repair, Maintenance, and O&M. The company also launched practices in Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Compliance & Training, and Environmental Science & Permitting.

Weston & Sampson Services in 2006


Weston & Sampson added capabilities in Transportation, Bridge Design, Landscape Architecture, CMR – Construction, and WWE – Equipment Sales. The company continued to expand its geographic footprint with Transportation, Bridge Design & Survey in its new Rocky Hill, CT office.