Urban Green Infrastructure Pilot Projects

The City of Lynn received a Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant to design and implement high priority green infrastructure (GI) pilot projects. These projects had been identified in the Strawberry Brook Resilient Stormwater Management and Implementation Plan, which was funded by a MVP Action Grant the previous year. These pilot projects are designed to significantly reduce flood risk, improve public health and safety, and offer examples of climate resilient adaptations that can be applied across this Gateway City.

The city selected the high priority areas of Boston Street and the Barry Park/G.E.A.A. Field because of the amount of flood reduction that could be achieved in these locations through the use of GI techniques. In the Boston Street area, Weston & Sampson designed six small-scale GI pilot projects to achieve the climate resilience goals of the MVP grant. We performed site surveys, groundwater investigations, and a geotechnical exploration to inform the design process and project feasibility. We used a hydrologic and hydraulic model previously developed for the Strawberry Brook analysis to design for existing and future climate conditions.

For Barry Park and the G.E.A.A. Fields, we developed a conceptual stormwater vision that combines improvements to circulation, access, canopy, and recreation with stormwater management. We prioritized rainwater collection, reuse, and surface level solutions that decrease localized flooding while improving water quality. Excess runoff is conveyed from neighboring streets into underground, gravity-based storage systems within the park to slow stormwater down. This allows for infiltration or flowing back into the Strawberry Brook conduit once peak discharge has passed.

Residents provided their thoughts and ideas through a comprehensive two-way public engagement campaign that included a listening session, survey with complementary video, and a fact sheet. The city is currently installing the GI pilot projects along Boston Street which are expected to be completed soon. The end result will be a vibrant urban neighborhood that will not be disproportionately impacted by climate change-induced flooding and urban heat.

Key Project Features:

  • plan implementation
  • green infrastructure design
  • underground storage
  • grant support
  • public engagement


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