UV Disinfection System

Design and Construction of Ultraviolet Reactor Water Supply Disinfection System

Weston & Sampson was retained by the Department of Correction to provide the design and construction oversight of a low-pressure amalgam lamp ultraviolet (UV) primary disinfection system for the prison facility Massachusetts Correctional Institute (MCI) Shirley located in Shirley, Massachusetts. The UV system was designed to provide disinfection for total coliform that was detected in the MCI Shirley groundwater sources during routine water quality testing. The system incorporated existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) controls at the facility and operated on an as-needed basis contingent upon the water levels in the facility’s water storage tank.

In order to provide immediate disinfection of the drinking water, a temporary sodium hypochlorite system was installed to provide chemical disinfection.

During discussions with the Department of Correction and the staff at MCI Shirley, Weston & Sampson uncovered their desire to implement a chemical-free permanent disinfection system. In response, we recommended the use of ultraviolet light as a means of providing physical disinfection for the treatment of bacteria that may be present. The UV system allows the emergency chlorination system to be taken offline while satisfying the disinfection requirements.


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