Level A – Virtual and Interactive Models (3D)

Durham NC East End Connector Visualization

The East End Connector project in Durham County, North Carolina was conceived to create a freeway link between major interstates in the central part of the state in an industrialized area that lacked connectivity.

The project consisted of four interchanges in just over two miles of mainline roadway and required twelve bridges including the span of a seven track railroad switch yard with accommodations for future light rail. Presenting a representation to the local community of what to expect when the project was complete was instrumental in the success of the project.

The East End Connector visualization allowed viewers to gain an understanding of the complexity of the project and how it would ultimately effect traffic flow.

NCDOT A-0011C NC-69 Widening

Weston & Sampson provided static 3-D images and a user-controlled drive-through video visualization to provide stakeholders a better understanding of proposed road widening changes NC69 in North Carolina. The visualization won a platinum award from AVA in 2020.

Weston & Sampson also provided preliminary and final roadway and hydraulic designs, utility design and coordination, and permitting for this NCDOT project.

Centennial Beach Virtual Tour

Centennial Beach, Hudson, MA

Weston & Sampson created a virtual tour to walk town officials and the public through the user experience of one of the town's greatest under-utilized public assets. The fly-through imagery and graphics were used to secure funding with a public vote.


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