Wastewater Force Main Analysis

Treviso Bay Hydraulic Analysis of Force Main and Pumping System

Collier County Public Utilities Planning & Project Management Department (PPMD) retained Weston & Sampson to provide a hydraulic analysis of the force main and pumping system serving the Treviso Bay subdivision. The community includes single and multiple-family homes, a golf course with club house and maintenance facility, a bar and restaurant, meeting rooms, and a community center with a pool and tennis courts.

Multiple pumping stations in the subdivision experience periods of “inhibited pumping capacity” and possible back-ups. The overall length of the community’s wastewater force main, commencing at Tamiami Trail, is approximately 17,000 feet.

Treviso Bay’s force main system is made up of 11 pumping stations that collect wastewater from the 11 individual subdivisions. Wastewater is pumped to a system of force mains that begins near the main entrance north of the subdivision and flows southeast along Treviso Bay Boulevard and Corso Bello Drive towards Southwest Boulevard. It then connects with a 24-inch force main on Tamiami Trail (US-41), discharging into the wet well of the master station MS301 located northwest of the Hitching Post Plaza (11524 Tamiami Trail East, Naples).

The Treviso Bay force main and pump station system was modeled using Bentley Systems SewerGEMS®, V8i, software by Haestad Methods to simulate how conditions would change at build-out conditions.


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