Free Water Accounting Workshop to Reduce Water Losses

Water Management Act Grant BWR 2017-08 Water Accounting Workshop / Training Agenda

Margaret McCarthy, PE, Team Leader, and Corey Packard, EIT, will present the following free workshop, hosted by the Town of Shrewsbury, MA, and made possible through funding by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. 


Training Objectives:

The Town of Shrewsbury, through the assistance of DEP Water Management Act Grant, has developed a tool to allow water suppliers to manage their systems more proactively by allowing for more timely identification of system losses. The tool correlates production meters at the source of supply with customer water meter use data on a monthly basis. This approach can help identify areas of potential concerns for further investigation. This workshop will present the tool, and discuss other work completed under the grant that helped further identify sources of unaccounted for water. We will discuss the following items that help you identify, track, and ultimately reduce water losses in the system:

  • Different types of management software
  • Methods for data export
  • Monitoring and management techniques
  • Reporting tools

Please join us on:

July 13, 2017: Abington Rockland Joint Water Works – 366 Centre Avenue, Rockland MA 02370

Timeline:  9 am – noon (3 hour session with refreshments and breaks)

CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION FORM & DETAILS (registration is by email or fax)

This workshop is free to participants through funding by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. A free electronic guidebook will be available for public water suppliers attending the training. 

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