Source Investigation & Infrastructure Design

Groundwater, Wastewater, Infrastructure Design & Permitting

Weston & Sampson was retained by the largest landholder in southeastern Massachusetts, AD Makepeace, to provide a variety of services to support a new development. This new development will include its own new well water supply, distribution, and storage to support the 1,200 unit development across 1,500 acres in Plymouth.

Aquifer Evaluation

Following a regional aquifer evaluation that included Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping efforts and exhaustive test drilling of over 10,000 acres, Weston & Sampson identified production well sites. Aquifer withdrawals and groundwater flow patterns were modeled using the three-dimensional computer model MODFLOW and subsequent modification and calibration of the USGS – Plymouth Carver Aquifer Model. Based on model results, optimum well locations and wastewater disposal sites were determined within the development footprint. Weston & Sampson has since completed exhaustive hydrogeologic evaluations for new source approval of a 650,000 gallons per day (gpd) source and a 395,000 gpd treated effluent disposal system.

Infrastructure Design

Weston & Sampson has completed a wide range of civil engineering design services for the planned development. This infrastructure planning and design for an entirely new water system included source development, well design, pumping station layouts, distribution system piping, and an elevated water storage tank. Wastewater infrastructure design included collection and transmission piping, 11 pump stations, and a membrane wastewater treatment plant. Both the water and sewer designs include river crossings with a directional drilling project to install a 12-inch diameter water main and a 4-inch diameter reuse system for spray irrigation of treated effluent.

State Permitting

A variety of state permits were required for this development project, including:

  • New Source Approval permits for two production wells
  • Groundwater discharge permit
  • Pumping station and distribution system permits for the water system
  • Sewer extension permit for the sewer system

Preliminary and final designs were developed, and impacts for the extensive water and sewer system were permitted through the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) process.


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