Water and Wastewater SCADA Improvements

Extensive SCADA Services and Upgrades for the City of Peabody Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Weston & Sampson has long history designing SCADA improvements for the City of Peabody. As design engineer for a new Trident filtration water treatment system in 1996, we engineered a water SCADA system to monitor two treatment plants.  Since then, we have engineered improvements to the water treatment plants and water system, including significant SCADA system upgrades.

Weston & Sampson Construction, Maintenance & Repair (CMR) has provided emergency on-call services for the water system and wastewater systems for many years.  These on-call services include instrumentation and control and SCADA system response. CMR performed upgrades to the city’s 41 wastewater pumps stations from an old antiquated software to IFix.  A new SCADA computer was installed with Win911 software for dialing, remote access for operators in 2012.  Weston & Sampson Services serves as the primary operator for the wastewater system and provides service response within 20 minutes to emergency calls.

Our SCADA highlights for both systems include:

  • Engineering design and construction oversight for water system SCADA projects (booster pump stations, storage tanks, and treatment plant upgrades)
  • Emergency on-call services for water and wastewater SCADA systems
  • PLC and SCADA programming and integration
  • OIT installation and programming for remote RTUs
  • Remote connectivity to SCADA for remote trouble-shooting and diagnostics
  • Chemical feed upgrades for DEP Chapter 6 compliance
  • SCADA screen development
  • 400 MHz radio communication
  • Annual software maintenance agreements for updating SCADA GE IFix software licenses


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