Waterfront Park Master Plan

Prescott Park Master Plan

Weston & Sampson collaborated with the City of Portsmouth, the Blue Ribbon Committee, the Trustees of Trust Funds, and the community at large to create a strategic and achievable master plan for Prescott Park and nearby Four Tree Island. Prescott Park hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually for passive daily use, as well as special events like summer movie nights, concerts, theater events, dance performances, food festivals, and the Prescott Park Arts Festival.

The goal is to revitalize this high-profile and high-visibility waterfront space to take advantage of the park’s prime location, provide active and passive recreation opportunities, create essential pedestrian connections, and improve the lasting legacy of Josie and Mary Prescott.

In order to provide cohesive and compelling park upgrades, including improvements to park infrastructure, sustainable landscape architecture, multi-generational recreational opportunities, park/city wayfinding, accessible pedestrian connections, and climate change/resiliency considerations, Weston & Sampson performed a thorough site analysis, conducted an extensive public input and participation program, and developed a comprehensive master plan and facilities plan that identifies inspired, yet achievable renovation and restoration strategies and solutions designed specifically for this signature property.


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