DPW Facility Planning, Design and Construction

Comprehensive Planning, Design & Construction Administration for Wayland DPW Facility

Weston & Sampson provided comprehensive planning, design, and construction administration services for a new Public Works Facility located at 66 River Road.

The new Wayland Public Works Facility includes the construction of a new 43,700 square foot facility that consolidates the public works operations and all town vehicles and equipment into a single facility. The facility includes offices, employee facilities, workshops, vehicle maintenance, wash bay, and vehicle and equipment storage. The project also includes modifications to the existing salt storage structure.

The facility incorporates many sustainable design features, including:

  • Day-lighting into shops and vehicle/equipment storage areas via translucent wall panels
  • Passive ventilation systems in vehicle/equipment storage areas
  • Storm water recharge of the aquifer
  • High-efficiency boilers
  • Heat-recovery equipment in heating/ventilation systems
  • Super-insulated factory fabricated wall panels (three inches thick)
  • Waste oil burner in vehicle/equipment storage areas
  • Low-water usage plumbing fixtures
  • Occupancy sensors to control artificial lighting
  • Interior and exterior low-energy usage lighting (e.g., LED)

Construction was completed in May 2015, with a construction cost of $9.5 million.


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