Well Reactivation

Reactivating Two Inactive, Previously Used Wells to Diversify Supply Sources In Exeter

The Town of Exeter has been pursuing water supply alternatives to diversify their sources of supply. As part of that effort, Weston & Sampson determined that two previously used but inactive wells (the Gilman and Stadium wells) were worthy candidates for reactivation. These wells provided the town with nearly 1 million gallons per day (MGD) of water for the public water system from 1951 to 1974. To establish the viability, infrastructure needs, and capital cost estimates for reactivating these sources, Weston & Sampson performed the following tasks:

  • Prepared a Preliminary Application Permit following the guidelines of Env-Dw 302 and submitted this report to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES). This report provided historical background for the wells, identified the aquifer characteristics and yield analysis, and assessed source protection measures. It also included a detailed analysis of the water system demands and water conservation measures via a draft Water Conservation Plan.
  • Developed a scope of work for rehabilitating the two wells, including a liner screen and pump station demolition. Weston & Sampson prepared specifications. After assisting the town with the bid phase of the project, we assisted with coordination of the contractor’s site work.
  • Developed a hydrogeologic monitoring network that utilized existing and new monitoring wells around the well sites to assess water drawdown conditions during the pumping test and potential impacts to the nearby Exeter River.
  • To fully assess the water quality characteristics and treatability of the water, we developed a sequence of work for the pumping test to also include a water treatment pilot. The pumping test was performed over a seven day period with the wells running in a staggered manner to assess their individual hydraulic characteristics and treatability. They were also run concurrently for three of those days to assess quality and quantity of combined pumping.
  • Final Approval / NHDES

Weston & Sampson then performed a detailed analysis of the data and submitted a Final Report to DES.


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