Winona Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

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The City of Peabody selected Weston & Sampson to design, assist with bidding, provide SRF loan application assistance and perform on-site resident & office oversight during construction of upgrades to the Winona Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

The WTP, a 50-year old conventional 3 MGD surface water treatment plant, is the main supply to the city’s West Peabody pressure system. The design includes upgrades to all process, mechanical, electrical, architectural, and site equipment.

We conducted water treatment piloting to compare conventional sedimentation against dissolved air flotation (DAF); additionally, we compared dual media filtration against granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration. Following piloting, it was decided that the WTP should be converted to DAF, with the existing flocculation basin being converted to house the new DAF equipment. Our team redesigned the existing sedimentation basins for utilization as new oxidation tanks to help with seasonal manganese control. As part of our efforts, a new pond aeration system for additional manganese control was installed. Following replacement of the filter underdrain systems, the existing gravity filters were converted to GAC. The design includes a new building addition to help with the sequencing of construction of the new chemical feed systems; it will also provide additional general storage space. The design also includes upgrades to the WTP laboratory, control room, and administrative spaces, as well as system-wide communications upgrades, as well removal of significant residual material and rehabilitation of the original unlined lagoons.





  • surface water treatment plant complete
  • rehabilitation estimated $19 million construction cost
  • dissolved air floatation
  • renovation of old unlined lagoons with residuals removal
  • in-house design services
  • SRF loan application
  • in-house construction services

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