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Software Development for Field Inspections of Water System Assets

Weston & Sampson is working with the City of Winooski to convert existing paper inspection forms into Weston & Sampson’s iDataCollect system, which enables City employees to gather GPS locations of  water system assets and view the completed inspections in a map view directly on their iPads.

Photos taken and embedded in the form give users the option to annotate directly on the photo to identify issues with the asset and/or to document locations of corresponding assets. For example hydrant valve locations can be drawn onto the field photo.

Using iDataCollect, the City is able to conduct inspections and document water system issues electronically on iPads in the field. Current forms created and in use by the City include:

  • Hydrant Maintenance Record
  • Flow Hydrant Information
  • Residual Hydrant Information
  • Fire Flow Field Report
  • Gate Valve Inspection
  • Gate Valve Maintenance
  • Water Main Break Form
  • Cross Connection Control Survey Form

Data collected through the iDataCollect app is available for the City to filter, view and edit in a secured web portal. Inspection information can be downloaded into Excel for further sorting and analysis, and individual inspection reports can be saved or printed in a PDF.

As inspections occur, Weston & Sampson is working with the City to display historical inspection data in the new inspection form, allowing the inspector to view previous readings captured on the last inspection.


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