Comprehensive Solid Waste Services

Engineering and Construction Related Solid and Hazardous Waste Services for Waste Management

Weston & Sampson has provided various engineering and construction related solid and hazardous waste assessment and due diligence services to many of Waste Management’s regional companies under our Master Services Agreement. These services include:

  • Solid waste facility permitting
  • Transfer station / landfill design
  • Landfill gas management system design
  • Facility oversight and management
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) and certification

At the Turnkey Recycling and Environmental Enterprise (TREE) facility in Rochester, New Hampshire, Weston & Sampson has provided landfill permitting and design, landfill gas management system design, New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) monitoring, and CQA and certification of construction projects. This facility has over 200 acres of landfill disposal area, a leachate treatment facility, a landfill gas recovery facility, and a materials recycling facility.

For Waste Management’s Crossroads Landfill facility in Norridgewock, Maine, Weston & Sampson has provided NSPS monitoring and landfill gas management system CQA.

Weston & Sampson has also provided permitting and design services for several of Waste Management’s transfer stations and materials processing facilities throughout New England.

Additionally, Weston & Sampson performs CQA services at various landfills to verify that construction activities are performed per the state solid waste regulations and approved design documents. We have performed these services for landfill disposal cell development, landfill closure projects, and landfill gas management system installations. Weston & Sampson also supports Waste Management’s Closed Sites group by managing and overseeing landfills that are in the post-closure phase as well as numerous other properties, some of which are regulated sites.


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