Wastewater Collection System Improvements

Wastewater Collection System Improvements including Sewer Rehab and Extension

The City of Woonsocket selected Weston & Sampson to assist with a number of important local wastewater projects, many of which were mandated in a Consent Agreement with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RI-DEM). The Wastewater Collection System Improvement Project includes a cross-country sewer system rehabilitation, a sewer system extension, sewer pump station improvements and other system improvements focused on eliminating sewer system overflows (SSOs) throughout the City.

The sewer system rehabilitation project includes the full length cured-in-place lining of a dual pipe cross country sewer in very wet/swampy conditions and the cleaning and inspection of two inverted sewer siphon river crossings. This area has high levels of infiltration and inflow (I/I) caused by both the age of the sewer and the wet/swampy conditions of the cross country areas. Backing up of the sewer siphons have also caused SSOs into the surrounding river area.

The sewer pump station improvement includes the replacement of the existing single (simplex) pump with a new duplex submersible system. This required the realignment of the pump configuration inside the wetwell. Also included were the upgrade of the existing pump control panel and wiring, and the installation of a new separate valve vault and new natural gas backup generator. The pump station was prone to both SSOs into the adjacent drainage system and frequent clogging due to the single pump design.

This project also required an amendment to the City’s Wastewater Facility Plan (FP) to address the additional areas of the project scope not previously identified in the existing FP and to also meet the requirements for project funding under the State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program.


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