WTP Facility Upgrades

Silver Lake Water Treatment Facilities Upgrade

The City of Brockton selected Weston & Sampson to upgrade its 24 million gallon per day (mgd) Silver Lake Water Treatment Facility (WTF).  With the original design dating back to the late 1960s, the Silver Lake WTF utilized mechanical screening and raw water pumping followed by chemical coagulation, flocculation, settling/sedimentation, conventional filtration, disinfection, and final pH adjustment.

The upgrade was required to address aging building systems; improve chemical storage and feed processes; upgrade process control, and SCADA; construct fire alarm and closed circuit TV security system; install raw water intake screen and air burst system; and implement significant residuals handling improvements.

The design began with a preliminary evaluation report and submission to DEP. The project was divided into two projects to facilitate design and construction. The Facilities Upgrade project includes all building and WTF main process improvements. The Residuals Project includes site work related to improvements to the residuals management and recycle systems.


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