Value Engineering

VE Study for Initial Phase of Yarmouth WWTF

Weston & Sampson was selected to perform a value engineering (VE) study of the initial phase of Yarmouth’s wastewater facilities project. With our teammate, Value Management Strategies, we conducted a 40-hour evaluation of the 2.24-mgd wastewater treatment facility and main pump station. Although the design was at the 90 percent stage, we were able to identify an approach that saves in excess of 5 percent of capital cost on the estimated $35 million project.

The evaluation also reviewed the decision to abandon the existing Yarmouth-Dennis septage treatment facility, and building new facilities to handle septage loads at the proposed new SBR facility. That review also evaluated the treatment plant’s design with an eye toward the projected growth and expansion of the proposed sewer system and the seasonal nature of wastewater flows in Yarmouth.

Weston & Sampson Services is the contract operator of the septage treatment facility.  As part of that contract, Weston & Sampson Engineers conducted a planning-level review of capital improvement needs and associated costs to determine the minimum investment required to maintain the operation and performance of the >20-year-old facility over the shortand long term.  Should the town decline funding construction of the new wastewater plant, this evaluation will become the basis of a preliminary design effort to ensure existing facilities remain available to residents.

The town needed assistance to conduct the VE study on a fast-track basis.  Accordingly, Weston & Sampson committed staff from multiple offices to ensure that the schedule was met.  Overall, the study was completed and the report issued within four weeks of a notice to proceed. Findings were presented to town officials well in advance of the scheduled Town Meeting vote to fund the project construction, and to provide assurances of the accuracy of project cost estimates included in the appropriation articles.


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