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Tannersville Zoning Law Grant Preparation through Implementation

A Build-Out Analysis, developed as the first step in implementing Tannersville’s 2004 Master Plan, identified a sustainable future growth scenario for the village and also identified obstacles and steps to achieving that future. The study recommended a comprehensive zoning law built on the conclusions of the Build-Out Analysis. Weston & Sampson wrote a successful grant to support preparation of the zoning law and worked on this assignment.

A Steering Committee comprised of Village officials and members of the community was our primary contact. A public workshop was held to assess the validity of the Build-Analysis conclusions, and to obtain direction for preparation of the first draft of the zoning law. A public comment period on the first draft followed by a second public workshop produced comments from the community on that draft. A second draft was subject to two formal public hearings convened by the Village Board, after which the firm prepared a final Zoning Law which was adopted by the Village Board.

Preserving the physical form of the village, especially its commercial districts, was a key community concern that was articulated during earlier planning exercises we conducted. A desirable form cannot be achieved through traditional Euclidean zoning measures that only regulate uses, area, and bulk aspects of development, and which encourage separating differing uses. In order to achieve a desirable physical form, the Tannersville Zoning Law combined a traditional Euclidean approach with a “form-based code” approach to clearly articulate, in an enforceable way, the form of the new development. The approach encourages mixed uses and an interconnected network of vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle facilities intended to relieve congestion on Route 23A and to promote non-motorized movement. The new zoning law reflects the vision of the community by promoting sustainable, compatible and supportive growth.


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