Drainage Basin Evaluation and Flood Reduction Study

The City of Charleston selected Weston & Sampson to evaluate the Church Creek Drainage Basin and Flood Reduction Study. The Church Creek Drainage Basin is located in the city and county jurisdictions of Charleston, South Carolina. The Church Creek drainage basin includes over 5,000 acres located along the western side of the Ashley River. Historically, the area was composed upland with land formerly used as phosphate mines, as well as marsh and wetland areas. Today, the basin is approximately 80% developed with mainly residential and some commercial development.

The scope of work includes completing a review of former evaluations, upgrading the hydraulic model, and providing recommendations for improvements to prevent flooding in the future as growth continues in the area. In addition, our team is developing stormwater management strategies to mitigate adverse stormwater impacts from future development. Our evaluations have resulted in the discovery of several challenges in the basin, including undersized channels and culverts, impacts from more frequent tidal events, and maintenance issues associated with access to open drainage networks, many of which traverse wetland areas. Our team is working to solve these issues through the implementation of several recommended improvement strategies and alternatives.

Our final project recommendations will include the installation of additional tidal surge protection, channel improvements, stormwater pumping for more control within the basin, and diversions of stormwater from existing outfalls that are at- or over-capacity during certain storm and tidal events.


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