Ireland Street Bridge, Chesterfield, MA – Highway Bridge Design and Geotechnical Engineering

Ireland Street over West Branch Bronson Brook, Chesterfield, Massachusetts

As part of our master services agreement with MassDOT, Weston & Sampson provided design and construction engineering services for the replacement of an existing 56-foot-long single span bridge that was structurally deficient. The bridge spans over the West Branch Bronson Brook and is less than 500 feet upstream of the confluence with the Westfield River, which is designated a wild and scenic river by the National Park Service. The existing bridge was replaced with an 84-foot-long single span bridge. The new bridge was designed utilizing accelerated bridge construction techniques consisting of all prefabricated bridge elements to minimize the duration of the road closure which requires temporary detour of over nine miles. The prefabricated bridge elements include precast concrete footings, abutments, wingwalls, and approach slabs as well as prestressed concrete box beams and deck panels.

Our work also included geotechnical services consisting of planning and overseeing the program of borings and probes, preparation of boring logs, and preparation of a geotechnical report providing foundation and earthwork construction recommendations as wells as geotechnical design parameters.

The permitting involved working with MassDOT’s Environmental Section and involved coordination with the US Army Corp of Engineers, MADEP, the National Park Service, and the local historical commission. Weston & Sampson was teamed with Steere Engineering, who provided structural engineering design support and prepared the construction time duration.


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