Wastewater Pump Station Improvements

Wastewater Capital Improvement Plan for Shrewsbury, MA

Wastewater Pump Station Strategic Plan

Weston & Sampson performed a general review of the sewer pump stations and force mains within the Shrewsbury wastewater collection system. The goal of this process was to develop a wastewater pump station strategic plan as a guidance document for programming, scheduling, and performing future pump station and force main related activities.  Weston & Sampson collected basic data on each of the 37 pump stations in the town’s collection system through a review of existing files and drawings and the sewer system GIS. We also worked with the town to identify the service area (size and character) for each pump station;  the configuration, size, and age of each pump station; and each force main size, route and discharge location.

With this information and an inventory of the town’s known issues and problem areas, Weston & Sampson created a tabulation of the town’s sewer pump station and force mains.  The table characterized each pump station and  documented its function, known problems, and opportunities for functional improvements.

Weston & Sampson prepared a wastewater pump station strategic plan that provides a summary of basic data for all pump stations, and includes an enhanced sewer system flow chart and pump station and force main location map. The strategic plan presents key findings, preliminary recommendations for action, and preliminary budget-level costs for pump station and force main projects.

Reservoir Street and Browning Road Pump Station Strategic Plan

Weston & Sampson prepared the design of the town’s Reservoir Street and Browning Road pump station improvements. Both pump stations had reached the end of their useful lives, and were in need of upgrades. Pump station upgrades included:

  • Electrical service and motor control centers
  • Removal and replacement of the existing indoor emergency generator with a new outdoor natural gas- powered unit housed outside the pump station in a sound attenuating enclosure due to the proximity to residential parcels
  • Removal and replacement of the existing pump control panel with a new SCADA-ready panel to provide improved communication and custom programming for better operation, data recording, and alarm notifications to the town’s operators.
  • Replacement and upgrade of all heating and ventilating equipment.
  • New precast pump/utility buildings with framing and siding to better match the aesthetics of the residential neighborhoods.

SCADA Upgrade

Weston & Sampson assisted the town in installing a custom SCADA master terminal unit at its DPW garage. Their old alarm telemetry system was obsolete and repairing/obtaining parts was becoming increasingly difficult. This upgrade allows the town to begin implementing SCADA capabilities at each of their pump stations, eliminating the need for the obsolete system, while also providing better information and real time data to the operators in the field and at the garage. Since that time, Weston & Sampson has been assisting the town with the planning and implementation of a SCADA program for all of the town’s pump stations. It is anticipated that the majority of the town’s stations will be on the new SCADA system in the coming years.



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